Bitcoin- present and future trends


All over the world, people use the traditional banking system for many decades. Till a decade back, there was no alternative option that could give tough competition to the physical currency. But, in 2008, some unknown groups of the team had introduced an idea of Bitcoin which instantly became the talk of the town. Let us see what it is first.

  • Bitcoins are nothing but a digital currency. With the excessive use of digital technology, this method will only help the people.
  • These primarily use P2P technology and do not have any central authority to manage its operations.
  • The open-source software was first released in 2009, a year after the idea was proposed.
  • The whole design protocol is made public which enables each and every individual to use the technology.
  • Although it might seem easy, it is necessary to understand the terms and then enter the platform. There might be a minimum to the medium-risk involved according to your transaction.
  • There is also bitcoin mining which is focussed on keeping the records on the bitcoinblockchain. Those who use this option is called ‘Miners’.
  • These free bitcoin miners help in the efficient usage of resources and ensure the completion of the blockchain ledger by grouping the new transactions.
  • They are also required to make sure of the authenticity of the transactions that take place in the blockchain.
  • There are many doubts regarding the true role of the free bitcoin miner as they even get incentives for the work they do. Also, this kind of platform should be made legal before people can get the confidence to invest in it.

Talking about the profit earning capacity, a normal person cannot earn anything from this digital currency. It requires people like individual investors and businessmen who might have adequate resources to invest as it involves the huge requirement of electricity and most of it goes for the same. Today, there are over 1000 miners all over the world who are into this process every day. The future too looks bright as many countries and businesses are hoping positively to make it as the next official currency.