What You Need to Know About the CPAlead Advertising Network

CPA is one of the biggest web and mobile PPC or pay-per-click advertising network. They are supplying CPA lead gen offers to mobile Apps for iOS and Android. They also offer Content Lockers, Websites, and even media buyers. The publishers are encouraged to use the company’s banner, native advertisements, interstitial, pop up and pop under, and other tools to monetize the website as well as the desktop traffic.

Because of the CPAlead review and feedbacks, they became popular as the advertising network who will listen to their members by bringing their requests to life. The network can develop more than 5 new features that can be used for mobile app advertisers, pay-per-click media buyers, and also the website publishers.

How to Earn Money on CPAlead

With CPAlead, you have many options to earn. One of the most popular is the traditional method. This is to add an interstitial ad, native ad, pop-under, or pop up to your website or maybe on a WordPress site. The CPAlead ads will show the top offers that are available for your visitors depending on their country and device. So when a visitor clicks on an offer, you earn money. Normally, that’s 10 cents per click.

Another way to earn with CPAlead is by sharing links to affiliate product niches. This is a page which gives access to hidden files or hidden links which will be in exchange for the visitor’s interaction with an ad. So when a visitor chooses to interact with an advertisement, they can gain access to the content.

How You Get Paid on CPAlead

He pays on CPAlead is weekly. This means that you will receive your pay every 7 days. If you are new, it may take a while until you feedback on your traffic quality is doing good before the payment will be issued. But typically, the first payment will be on a weekly basis.

How to Monetize an Android and iOS app on CPAlead

By using a content locker and other tools for the Android and iOS mobile app, you will be earning more per user than other ad solution on the market today. The Content Locker will let you require your users to install a mobile CPI app or maybe answer a survey to access a premium content or reward.

The Offer Wall, on the other hand, will let your user install an app or also answer a survey to earn your in-game or in-app virtual gifts or currency. CPAlead also offers an ad tool which will pop up full-page ads or apps or maybe you can also run banners on your website or mobile app.

How to Contact CPAlead

Since the early days of 2006, CPAlead has paid out over $100,000,000 to the mobile app as well as website developers all over the world. This is your chance to be part of the CPAlead. Contact them at 800-447-7307 or send an email at support@cpalead.com. Grab the opportunity to change your life today. Earn more with CPAlead!