What are the interesting facts about Facebook?

interesting facts about Facebook

Nowadays, people used to do only smart works than hard work. The smart work may give the same result as hard work. But, by doing smart work we can save a lot of time. And by using that time we can do many other works also. There are various electronic devices such as computers, mobiles, laptops, etc. These electronic devices have different features. People use computers and laptops to do their office work. Without those devices, people cannot do anything. And they use mobiles to do their works such as making calls, messaging, taking photos, videos, etc. There are different applications available in mobiles. The applications are available to share photos and videos, play online games, online gambling games, etc.

And also have social media applications such as Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, etc. Facebook is one of the famous social media sites available to share photos, videos, information, etc. Most people around the world will connect to this site. Many people have an account in these social media. They use such media to showcase their talents. People may have many talents such as singing, dancing, acting, etc. They may not get a perfect platform to showcase their talents. Many celebrities like directors, producers, artists, etc may also have an account in social media.

So, these celebrities may see our performance uploaded on social media. And they may get impressed with our performance and they may also give opportunities in movies and series. We can get new friends through social media. We can even get friends from various other countries also. We should keep our Facebook profile safe from the Facebook hack. There are some interesting facts about Facebook.

Facebooh hacking

    1. On a normal, Facebook is including 7,246 individuals at regular intervals or 8 every second. Around 600,000 hacking endeavors are made to Facebook accounts each day.
    1. Facebook is blue since Mark Zuckerberg experiences red-green visual weakness.
    1. We can pass information around the world within a second. Hence, it is more useful for people.
    1. There are 70 unique dialects accessible to clients on Facebook. In the United States, the five most famous brands on Facebook are Walmart, Target, Amazon, Samsung Mobile USA, and Subway.
    1. Facebook has more than 350 million dynamic clients. More than 35 million clients update their status every day, with more than 55 million notices every day. Over 2.5 billion pictures are transferred to Facebook every month.

Facebook hack is faced by many of the people.