The Pros And Cons Of Instagram – READ HERE

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            It seems like everyone has jumped headfirst into Instagram in the last few years, from teens to businesses. An entirely new genre called “Instagram professionals” has even been created. So you might be thinking if your business on the gram is going to have an excellent gain of attention as well – maybe, but maybe not. We have the benefits and inconveniences that will help you make your decision.

The Instagram Advantages

Here are Instagram’s core benefits to business today:

  • It’s hugely popular: There are more than 100 million active users, and those 100 million people are generating some impressive stats. 48.8 percent of brands are on Instagram, and if we look at the world’s top 100 brands, the figure will leap to 90 percent.
  • The internet is a visual place: Posting a blog post is fantastic, but any number of statistics would show you that more interaction is astronomically powered by enriched media such as images and videos. Instagram is an entirely dedicated forum to that operation. There’s no wonder that commitment is so strong. Through jumping on a platform wholly built to share photos and videos, brands can quickly and effectively exploit customer passion for imagery.

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Instagram’s Disadvantages

It can’t all be sunshine and rainbows, and like the other social platforms, Instagram has certain brand drawbacks.

  • Engagement is high, but conversion is low: Unfortunately, the issue with Instagram is that their user interface is almost too perfect. It’s so easy to share, like, and comment that it’s hard to convert users into dollars and cents. Since it’s so easy, users continue to like and share but don’t always have a deep connection to the brand. It means the activity that advertisers can monitor has no relation to the activity we want to perform.
  • It requires strict brand enforcement: A beautiful microcosm of this problem is the plethora of Instagram filter options. It’s easy for a brand to lose its look and feel complete. Immediately they show to the world a face that isn’t theirs (or, worse, many faces that are kind of theirs, but not theirs really). It requires intensive brand management to run a secure branded Instagram page, either through strict approvals or a comprehensive set of brand guidelines that businesses do not have.
  • Your account can get hacked: This is a significant problem for most individuals across the globe when it comes to their social media Instagram account. This is why it is vital to keep your account safe and secure before anything else. You don’t have to worry much since there are good hackers who can help you recover your account through an Instagram password hack.