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Social Famousing

Nowadays millions and millions of people use Instagram every day to get connected and updated with the world. Before the introduction of the Instagram people were not able to connect and share their thoughts and share anything with the world. But now users are able to share their photos and videos through it. It provides the platform for users to connect with the world. On 3 April 2012 Facebook acquired Instagram for approximately US$1.1 Billion. After Facebook acquired Instagram Facebook gives new hope and up-gradation to the application and the world by providing the features of “PHOTO TAGGING” and “PHOTOS OF YOU” . And in July 2013 Company added another feature of providing links to the photos and videos and ads were introduced to the site and users were provided opportunity to Chat Privately and Buy Instagram followers.

The popularity of Instagram

In the year 2014-15, Instagram becomes the fastest growing platform for social interaction with 150 Million users heading to the site every month. Currently Instagram holds 850 million monthly active users and more than 500 million daily active users. There are many services that help you to Buy Instagram followers.In February 2017, Instagram updated that every user can now upload upto 10 photos and videos on a particular 1 post. On 24, September 2018, Krieger and Systrom announced that they would step down from Instagram. And on 1 October 2018, Adam Mosseri became the new head of Instagram. And on 28 November 2018, Instagram added a feature that allows visually impaired users to listen to descriptions of each and every photo which has alternative text.Social Famousing

Some Features Of Instagram:-

  • Add special styles, characters and fonts on your Bio.
  • Add and manage many accounts on the same device.
  • To keep the records of all the posts which you have liked.
  • Now see, upload and browse video content on IGTV.
  • Browse posts and people from other locations.

And there are many other features thatare provided by the application to the user such as Hide stories from the people. Added a feature of close friends, A person can clear the search history of his account and many more features.

Nowadays people use Instagram and like the posts which they prefer well. And the people are in great demand like Celebrities, Cricketers and other famous people are get followed by the people and get likes. And now Instagram is also becoming a good source ofearning the pocket money or the small amount of money which is earned by the people who have either more likes or more followers or both. And the likes and followers on an Instagram account plays an important role in prestige to the owner of the account.