What should you know About Pistol 1911?

There have been many pistols constructed since the time it was first invented. The M1911 is one such pistol which acts as a single action, semi automatized, and magazine fed, recoiling pistol which is chambered for pistols and cartridge. It has been used as a standard equipment armed weapon in the United States of American Armed Forces, since 1911 to 1986. It has been first used in World War I, World War II and many more wars afterwards. There has been many more use of these pistols such as Automatic Pistols, Calibre .45, M1911A series. The United States of America has procured around 2.7 million of these 1911 pistols for its military services and contracts. Although M1911 was later replaced by more advance technological weapons such as 9mm Beretta M9, it has been used for other purposes and not completely put out of the market. The modern variations to AccuracyX 1911 pistol have been in use in many parts of the world, particularly in the countries like U.S Army Special Forces, U.S Navy and U.S Marine Corps.

The 1911 pistol has been designed by John Browning. He has been known for providing the best designs and methods to implant the recoil principle in the basic designing of pistols. Later on, the same principle of the 1911 pistol was copied and soon it came to be known as a prototype for all modern pistols. The principal of centre fire was commonly implemented in all. It has been in popular usage among many civilian and amateur shooters in competitions such as International Practical Shooting confederation, IDPA and Bulls Eye Shooting. However, making illegal use of these weapons is strictly monitored and prohibited.

Custom Pistols:

The biggest advantage with 1911 is that, it can be easily customised as per one’s usage. The sights can be replaced; grips and accessories can be changed as per needs. Many companies have come up with the idea of allowing full customization to 1911 pistols to sports authorities and renowned sports personnel. The base models of 1911 have been used for this purpose. The modifications range from altering exterior surface, checkering the casing, decent adjustment of conventional hammers, triggers and sears. The other modifications include addition of other accessories such as lights and scopes. The commonly modified substance is to provide full length guide rod and recoil spring. Due to this addition, the weight of the pistol is considerably increased and make pistol difficult to break down and holds it strong.

With the absolute craftsmanship, AccuracyX has introduced many PRO Series of pistols. It is hundred per cent accurate and reliable, which are made from the finest of qualities and components. They match the slide and frame, grade barrel and trigger.