Update on new flavors of Dinner Lady

dinner lady

We are all blown away by the unique take of the dessert flavors of English breakfast. Now the range has been expanded with the other three aroma e-liquids. We will get our hands on them and we can’t wait to give them the try.

Below you will find the update on new flavors

Apple Pie

In the time of holidays, this favor will soon be opened by man. It is giving the Christmas vibes as it will smelling like apple pie and the hint of spice on it. As soon as you will take the first puff you will get the fruity sweet taste to inhale. Then when you exhale you will get a bit of spicy flavor. This will taste like apple pie which is baked with brown sugar, green apples, and cinnamon. The closest juice which can be compared is Mr. fritter cut wood. The dinner lady has nailed it down with his special way. When you are looking for a Christmas-themed e-liquid for the Christmas holiday then you will find apple pie right in the alley.

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Orange Tart

Lemon tart is still the most known dinner lady which is receiving the e-liquids to this day. Today they are returning with the new twist with classic flavor. It was expected to taste like the lemon tart, but it is having its own thing. You will get the sweet orange flavor when you will inhale with a creamy and smooth finish. It will not have the breakfast taste like the lemon tart. This will also remind me about the orange creamsicle which is very delicious. You can compare it with 120 cream pop made by mad hatter and without the cooling effects. When you are tired of typical creamy strawberry and orange flavors then you can try orange tart.

Blackberry crumble

People are not excited much about this flavor as nobody is caring about blackberry e-liquids. The last one has a very strange bitterness. But you would be mistaken as Blackberry can hit out the park. You will get the sweet blackberry flavor. On the exhale you will still able to taste the jam.