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Faced with the mountain of bags and suitcases that pile up in front of you, you discover that your car is really too small! Do not panic, there are solutions for you to leave with everything you have planned to pack. The elder’s snowboard, the junior’s pink bike, leave nothing on the sidewalk. But be careful, a car does not load anyhow. In the first place, avoid any object flying in the cockpit. In case of sudden braking, they can turn into powerful and dangerous projectiles. For the same reasons, do not put anything bulky or heavy on the back deck. To load the trunk, organize yourself. You can buy cargo carrier to meet up space problem of your car. Click here to know more .

Roof boxes or cargo carriers

They are the simplest solution to carry anything that could not fit in your trunk. You will find different models from 80 €. But beware, a roof box cannot be bought lightly. In the first place, know what you are going to put in: heavy objects, bulky objects? In this case, choose a strong box. The shape and the material are to be considered: the first, the most aerodynamic possible, you will consume less, the second will protect against UV attacks. Look at the volume that it can hold. For example, a roof box adapted to a city car offers a volume of 250 l against the double for a large road. Choose an easy attachment system that does not require the intervention of a specialist. Most roof boxes have a quick-release mounting system. Practice if you have to drop it often. Then look at his sense of openness. Avoid those that open on the back, impractical to load. Ideally, models have two side openings. For added security, there are also models whose keys cannot be removed if the boot is not secure.Click here to buy suitable cargo carrier for your car.

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Bicycle racks for the car

There are three systems: those who attach themselves to the roof, sit on the back of your car or mount themselves on the towbar. With each use, his bike rack. The models which are fixed on the roof are simple and economic (from 15 €). They offer several advantages: they avoid dirtying the bikes and leave a perfect rear visibility for the driver. On the other hand, bikes are less easy to install and there is no more room for a roof box. Those who settle on the trunk or on the tailgate are also economical (from 40 €) and easy to assemble, but the trunk is no longer accessible. In addition, in most cases, it is necessary to add a rear registration plate if it is hidden by bicycles. Finally, more expensive (from a hundred euros), but the most functional of all, the models that attach to the towbar. They can receive up to four bicycles and ensure a perfect stability to the vehicle.

Do not forget the  trailers

With a trailer, the trunk problems are fixed. The disadvantage, it asks for a towing hook and once arrived at your resort, you have to find a place to store it. There are all kinds of trailers: those called “leisure”, to carry all-terrain motorbike, quad or jet ski and “bagagères” which, as their name suggests, for all that could not fit in the trunk of the car. For recreational trailers, take a model equipped with a jockey wheel (easier to maneuver) or a ramp for easier loading. For baggage trailers, think about the size, the versatility and especially the payload (the weight that can carry the trailer). In both cases,