Is Harrison Barnes BCG Attorney Search The Most Optimum Choice For You?

Lawyer At Harrison Barnes

Harrison Barnes is a world-famous legal recruiter and the CEO and founder of BCG Attorney Search that offers exclusive placements to partners and associates in law firms and hence Harrison Barnes BCG Attorney Search is a place where many aspiring associates wish to go rather than to get a placement in competing placement firms.

The exceptional BCG Attorney Search

BCG Attorney Search was founded in the year 1999 by one of the most successful legal recruiters, Harrison Barnes. Currently, it is a famous industry leader with the company averaging more than one placements per day. Its offices are spread out throughout the country. Under the leadership of Mr. Barnes, BCG is currently a special law recruiting firm that only does what it does with great excellence that is – placements in law firms. The recruiters at BCG do not handle contract assignments or in-house contracts and are more proficient compared to the other law recruiting firms.

A pioneering personality – Harrison Barnes

Harrison Barnes is one of the most famous legal recruiters and prolific writers of the country. There is a network of more than 500 modern research companies and websites created by him solely for the sake of helping various professionals and lawyers find jobs. If comprised together, the set of companies created by Harrison Barnes BCG Attorney Search is the largest career company of the legal field.Lawyer At Harrison Barnes

At the University of Chicago, he was awarded many academic honors while doing his B.A. in Public Policy. As he later went to University of Virginia for his law school, he was also an editor at Virginia Law Review and the managing editor as well. A college-level class on race and society was also taught by him. After graduation, he worked some jobs and later at Whittier Law School where he taught classes about professional responsibility that inspired him to improve the ethical standards of the recruiters and the profession of recruiters.

Values and Ideals of Harrison Barnes –

Harrison Barnes is a great personality and a role model for many in the recruiting profession not merely because of what he has achieved but because of his optimistic attitude about seeking and expecting excellence in everything he does. The core value of BCG is “We Must Get Attorney Jobs” which signifies the determination of him and his company.

Mr. Barnes is also a prolific writer and writes a daily career-advice blog that motivated many people across the world. He is a man focused on his mission and has continued to help many people directly or indirectly.