Sun-kissed Glow Without Bathing The UltraViolet Rays of the Sun


Getting tanned under the sun’s ultraviolet rays might harm your skin. It can even cause skin cancer when exposed too much under its heat. Today, you can now get that golden glow without sunbathing. There are many products like melanotan 2 on the market that helps you get tanned skin. It has a promising safe and healthy result to tanning your skin. But, you need to be careful though as there are results that might be unlikely. Some find it safe and effective to their skin, but others might get the opposite results. It can be harmful so, learn about tanning pills before you take some. Understand how they work and what comes in the product.


What are Tanning Supplements?

Tanning supplements contain beta-carotene, a color additive that gives color. If you are ingesting one pill of this, it will likely deposit throughout the body. This is why your skin will somehow turn into tan-like color. You can find this also on some food coloring products which is safe to use. But, when taken to higher levels, it might pose some bad effects on your skin. The sunless tanning pills contain canthaxanthin, a substance responsible for changing the color. The same with other supplements, it needs responsible use for a better result. If you are under medication, it can be best to consult your doctor first. Or read on some reviews about the safeness of the tanning products.

 Is it Safe to Your Skin?

The tanning products come with melanin as the main ingredient. This substance is a brown pigment that determines the color of the skin and it is what causes you to tan. Without getting under the sun rays, you can get that glowing tan skin by taking this product. Some see the result in a few weeks and others might need to consume high doses. Getting tanned skin depends on the pigment deposited in your skin. But, there is always a noticeable change in color when you consume a tanning pill. Before you take this product, take precaution as canthaxanthin might have side effects.

How Does it Work?

Most tanning products with canthaxanthin content are effective. This is because the substance is an active ingredient that simulates a tan color. It intensifies the color as a way to pigment your skin and make it more tanned than usual. This is a natural carotene-based additive that you can also find in some colorant of many foods. They work by altering your body’s natural melanin, especially on the skin. The result might vary from each individual taking it but, it achieves a rich brownish color. Thus, you can get tanned without stepping into the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. Don’t get overwhelmed with the result yet, and ensure your safety before taking it. Consult your physician first if you have some medication as it might worsen the case. And make sure to follow the given dosage prescription to prevent overdosing.

The Right Consumption

The tanning products are effective for giving you that glowing tan skin. But, overtaking it might result in fake sun-kissed glow or skin problems and worse. The body would likely dissolve the canthaxanthin in the outer layer of the skin. This will tint the color of your skin so make sure to follow only the prescribed dose.