Simple but Effective FIFA Mobile Tips You Should Use

FIFA Mobile Tips

If you want to experience the World Cup – even on mobile, it is time that you download, install and play fifa mobile. FIFA Mobile is a football simulation video game published by EA Sports. It is now available in iOS and Android.

There are many mobile games you can consider but what makes FIFA Mobile special? Here are the reasons why you need to consider it:

  • It is built for the gamer: FIFA Mobile presents a download size that is under 100 MB. This means it will not take too much of your device space. With this, you enjoy football wherever and whenever.
  • It updates contents all the time: FIFA Mobile provides fresh content all the time. This is expected since the football word never stops.
  • You can complete Plans: every item in the game has a value. You can use surplus items to make bigger and better items. This is possible with new Plans added all throughout the
  • You can create the “Ultimate Team”: in the world of FIFA Mobile, there are no contract and training items. You just focus on creating a team that suits your play style.

If you want to be the best in the field, there are several things you should consider when playing FIFA Mobile. Here are some simple but effective tips for players:

Build a better team

FIFA Mobile takes the “Ultimate Team” to a new level. To build a better team, you should remember the following:

  • After receiving the player packs or purchasing a player at the Market, you need to navigate to “My Team”. Through this, you can replace old players with new ones. However, you should not mindlessly replace older ones. It is important that you only swap the cards that have white up arrow symbol, which is found at the top-right corner.
  • Understand that the white arrow recommends that the current player can be upgraded and a better player is available in his stead. This is crucial to building a better team thereby increasing your overall team ranking.

Understand Live Bidding

Live Bidding will allow you to place a bid for the best soccer players – around the world. When it comes to Live Bidding, you should remember the following:

  • Do not place bids on players that have “pending” status.
  • Always tap the refresh button so you can check if there are Live Biddings.
  • For a player you can buy, you need to tap on the card and place a bid. If you are impatient, you can press “Buy Now” but it would mean buying it at a higher price.

Know that AI controls the players better

Whether you are playing Season Mode or Attack Mode, you should let AI control the game. In these modes, AI can control the players well especially when it comes to passes and possession. If you need to step in, you can simply press “Sprint and Skill”.

FIFA Mobile

Utilise a mixture of tap and button controls

In this game, you have two control schemes – Tap and Button. Tap entails passing the ball to a player by tapping him then swiping towards the goal. Buttons offer more control over the players because you can dribble by moving the D-pad. You can also choose to press the pass button so the ball will be automatically handed to the nearest player.

Master Attack Mode

Remember that the Attack Mode is the fastest way to earn XP, coins, and fans. When it comes to Attack Mode, you should remember the following:

  • When your turn comes, you should try to score many goals as possible. Keep in mind that goalless session will not earn you any coins, XP or fans.
  • When the match begins, you should leave it to AI. The chances of scoring a goal are higher with AI in control.

Other alternatives

If you have an insufficient amount of in-game currency, there is one alternative you can consider – fifa mobile hack. It is crucial to have ample in-game currency if you want to purchase the best players in the world and many things. In general, using illegal applications are prohibited by EA Sports and if you get caught, you will be banned from the game.

However, there is something that you can use safely – When choosing, you should check if the software could conceal you so no one knows that you are using unofficial applications. It should also be equipped with proxy servers, which can change your location by altering your IP address. The application should feature anti-ban scripts, encryption codes and automated scripts. This site for players can benefit your gameplay.

Final words

Without a doubt, FIFA Mobile is one of the best games. In fact, it is considered the foremost authority when it comes to mobile football. Its new take on the series makes it appealing for FIFA aficionados. If you are just starting, it pays to know some tips and tricks for better gameplay.