How we get pokemon go accounts?

pokemon go

Do you want to buy a Pokemon account to enhance your gaming experience? If yes then you are at the right place. Here you get detailed information about a website which provides you best accounts with a lot of additional services. The website is We provide you best Pokemon accounts on discount. You can easily buy Pokemon go accounts from our website. This website is specially developed to provide you Pokemon services.

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Types of accounts:

There are four kinds of accounts that are available to us. Actually, these are types of accounts, we differentiate accounts of our website by giving them names. So now we are going to tell you about them.

pokemon go accounts

  1. Bronze Pokemon go account
  2. Silver Pokemon go account
  3. Gold Pokemon go account
  4. Platinum Pokemon go account
  1. Bronze Pokemon go account:

Bronze Pokemon go accounts are similar to starter accounts. Most of the time they are of high level with lots of stardust.

  1. Solver Pokemon go account:

Silver Pokemon go account is snipped. These accounts are filled with candies and high cp’s.

  1. Gold Pokemon go account:

Gold Pokemon go account comes with legendaries and shinies. Expect some high cp raid Pokemon as well.

  1. Platinum Pokemon go account:

Platinum Pokemon go accounts can be considered as the end game accounts. These beasts have high cps, legendaries, shinies, and whatnot. They’re simply the strongest.

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