Myths About the Lotto Results or How To Improve Odds Of Winning the Game


We know that the lotto results can be drawn randomly. However, our sense tells us that there is something much more going on. The article explores a few myths over lotto draws as well as how one can use the knowledge in your lotto selections.

Each Lotto Number Has Equal Odd To Draw

The numbers can be drawn randomly, thus each number has got the equal chance in a draw. However, in real world we totally know that things are different. As the example, sequential series such as 1 to 6 is possible in the lotto draw however, it probably has not happened anywhere in history of the lotto. In the game of lotto, each number can be drawn, and given enough of time. However, our sense tells us any unlikely scenarios like repeated numbers will not occur in near future.

Lucky Dip Is Best Way of Picking the Lotto Numbers

There are some people who believe that “lucky dip” offers you best odds of winning. Because lucky dip is random, it will be highly consistent with the lotto draws. Unfortunately the strategy does not take in account numbers might bring up the unusual number series that reduces the odds of winning the game. For instance, dip may pick even numbers and this will be unlikely to happen in lotto draw.

One time lucky dip may be the good idea when you cannot consistently buy the tickets; just imagine having the regular numbers and forgetting to purchase them or numbers come up!