Dice Game for Moon Festival

faucet game

Name your family, aunt, uncle, cousins, cousins, cousins, etc., etc. And so on. And so on. This year’s Moon Festival will be a little more fun.

Try this dice game with your family. This game of chance is usually played in Xiamen and some Chinese communities throughout Asia during the moon festival and check over here to get more.

Prizes to the card to add family friendship.

See below for instructions.

Special thanks to Sean for “Talking and blogging about such problems” for a detailed description of the game.


You will need:

6 cubes, preferably numbers 1 and 4 are red, the remaining numbers are black

faucet game

Wide bowl

Prizes, prizes, prizes. You still have time to request …

An assortment of quiet smiling or irritable or dancing family members and friends on the night of the Moon Festival. Grandma, Grandpa, and Cousins ​​Included

Purpose of the game:

To get so many prizes, throwing the dice and getting the given combinations of numbers.


Preparing for the moon festival:

  1. Look for a bowl with a wide mouth.
  2. Prepare 6 cubes with numbers 1 and 4 in red. If you can only find bones with number 1 in red, improvise for number 4.
  3. Search for family rates.
  4. Prepare the following prizes.
  • 32 place 6 place prizes
  • 16 pcs. 5 place prizes
  • 8 pcs. 4 place prizes
  • 4 pcs. 3rd place
  • 2 pcs 2 place prizes
  • 1 pc. 1st prize

Prize may vary. It may be simple or extravagant. Others turn Mooncake, candy, gadgets, Child’s Book gift cards. Be creative.

The game is correct on the night of the moon festival:

  1. Place a wide-painted bowl on the table. Collect everything around the table. Designate the first player.
  2. The first player rolls all 6 dice into the bowl. Write the numbers up on the dice.
  3. Some combinations of numbers on the cube give the player the right to win. See combinations and corresponding prizes below.
  4. Pass the bowl to the next person. He / she will also roll a dice and receive a prize if certain combinations of numbers are drawn on the dice. Etc. etc. until all prizes come out.

Special rules:

– If any bones fall outside the bowl, you lose your turn in this round.

– If all prizes for a particular configuration are completed, future appearances of this configuration will not win any additional prizes.

– “Final throw” – the best combination consists of 6 fours or 6 units. If you get this combination, you will get all the prizes, even those that have already been won. Some families only give 1st prize for everyone to get a prize.