How to Keep Healthy and Organize the Perfect Event

Imagine that. Your company plans to organize a reward dinner for the employees, and you are responsible for managing the entire event, and, of course, the boss expects everything to be perfect. Or maybe your company plans to organize a dinner and a dance party for two hundred of your most important clients, and guess what you are responsible for organizing all this.

Or maybe this is your parents’ fifth wedding anniversary, and you want to organize a big party for family and friends. Maybe you have an idea how to organize and hold an event, or maybe not. If you have doubts about the management of the event, you may need to hire the services of a professional event organizer.

What the event planner can do:

The event planner can help you in the early stages of planning your event and can work with you until the guests say goodbye.

Frocentric events can help you with the theme, the finish, the hiring of reputable suppliers and the organization of every little thing. Or maybe you’ve already done most of the planning, you hired most of the providers, and you need a planner just a couple of months before a major event to link all the empty spaces.

Or maybe you just want someone to be present on the day of the event to help you organize everything and everyone, so that you can spend time enjoying the event and chatting with your guests.

If you decide that you need the services of an event planner, consider a few things to find the perfect planner:

When the interlocutors plan to really focus on what happens when you are with them. It is important to find a planner with whom you can develop a good working relationship.

So, in this first interview, think about how you feel about the planner: is it convenient for you to talk to them? Are you really listening? Do you understand what you want for your event? Are you open to your ideas for this event? Do they seem well informed? Some things to discuss when polling the scheduler:

Ask about your experience as an event organizer: how much time you planned for events, how many events you planned recently, what was the size of the events and what events you coordinated.

Ask for recommendations from previous clients.

Ask what and how they charge for their services: per hour, flat rate or percentage of the total cost.

Do you offer planning packages? If so, what are the specific details of each package: what services are provided and what is the total cost of this particular package?