Reasons for buying a used car

Used cars in fresno

If you are dreaming about buying a car but you do not have the required money, then you can look at used cars. Used cars in fresno are a great value for money and you can certainly look it as an option if your budget is limited. But this is not the only reason to buy used cars, there are other benefits why choosing a used car is not a bad option.

Minimizing depreciation

When a car is driven off the lot, the depreciation rate is around 20 percent. As the year passes, the car will lose further 10 percent. That adds upto almost 30 percent loss. You can avoid such loss by buying such loss by buying a used car which is one-year-old. Though it is hard to get one-year-old used cars, you are likely to get more two-year-old and three-year-old cars. The most effective to own a car is by buying a used car, which is two, or three years old and using that car until it stops working.

 Used cars in fresno

Reducing insurance costs

In order to determine a car’s cost, you need to know the value of the car. The value of a used car is less than the new car and thus its insurance cost is also less. Youcan also save some more money by dropping certain elements of the car insurance.

Reducing registration fees

The fees, which the state charges for the registration of the car,is based on the transaction price of the car. There are a lot of states which are increasing the registration fees of the cars in order to generate more revenue from the cars. In order to reduce the registration fees, you can buy used cars.

Getting more in your budget

You can also buy a little expensive car which fits your budget by buying the used one. You might not get the latest model of the car which you want, but you can certainly buy a car which is a few years old. In this way, you might not be updated with the latest car but you can certainly fulfill your dream the car which you lusted earlier. The good thing about most used cars is that all those cars are the same in their model and in good condition as well.


These reasons are certainly going to be enough for you if you were having trouble in deciding whether to buy used cars or not. To sum up, we can say that used cars provide full value for money.