Your Industry Is Engaged In The Railroad? You Need to Apply This Product !!

lineaire geleider

               Chamberland has grown and won the trust of customers for more than 60 years. Engaged in the industrial sector serving products related to industrial equipment. One application of its product is a strong and reliable slide. In the area of ​​railways (railroad, tram), reliability and longevity are two priorities when selecting components. In the rail sector, linear guides and telescopic slides are used in many applications. As in other markets, Chambrelan is distinguished by its ability to provide standardized solutions or rapidly develop customized solutions. In extreme conditions, large variations in temperature, weather conditions, vibration, and the intensive and prolonged use of mechanical components must be taken into account. Therefore demands about the durability of the guide rail and telescoopgeleider.

The Application of Railroad Products

               Chambrelan is known for its reliable and robust slides. The slides will be fixed on the major axes, in pairs, with a uniformly distributed load, Chambrelan slides will give you complete satisfaction. Chamberlan develops industrial equipment applications and solutions to the things that might happen. For example, to ensure long service life with low maintenance and low maintenance costs, what counts is durability.Operators demand telescoopgeleider guide rails that are rugged and reliable for their durability. Passenger safety is paramount. Durability in consideration of extreme conditions of use, as well as significant variations in temperature and weather, long exposure to intensive vibrations, and high life cycle expectations of mechanical parts during use. In this case, a special design solution can be proposed to meet the most demanding performance specifications. The following are the main application products in the railroad industry that Chamberlan presents include:

  • Exterior door for car
  • Telescopic step
  • Seat
  • Telescopic hood
  • Battery box drawer
  • Two-way toolbox accessed from both sides of the car
  • Platform door
  • Maintenance equipment