The Importance Of Partial Discharge Detection You Should Know

Partial discharge test equipment are an important means to ensure power equipment safety. It tests the power frequency of the transformer device and the high voltage it provides. The device is essential to cope with the composite electrical apparatus. Partial discharges (PD) are the small electrical sparks. It is common within the insulation of medium to high voltage electrical systems. The electrical breakdown within the insulation of an electrical system causes the PD. Partial discharges erode the insulation, and may even cause insulation failure. This can be the leading cause of total electrical failure. Partial discharge testing will determine the health, performance reliability of cables. This is the essential way to prevent any electrical failures.

Assesses Insulation Quality

Partial discharge testing helps technicians to diagnose an electrical system and insulation. This is the best way to do before an unexpected outage occurs. The HV Technologies, Inc. carries partial discharge test units for both long and short-term work.

With the help of the reliable equipment, partial discharge can be somehow prevented. This device is effective when operating with high voltage equipment. This equipment can work during the manufacturing stage as well. It helps avoid unpleasant incidents and provides periodical check-ups. You can ensure that the electrical equipment is safe to use. For the utmost safety, you need to choose the reliable and long-term  PD prevention and detection.

Deals with measurement challenges

PD test equipment allows very high sensitivity detection and measurement. It uses several methods of electrical noise suppression in challenging on-site conditions. The center frequency and bandwidth can be then adjusted for a reliable analysis. This is common with the freely-selectable filtering options. The multi-channel PD measurement is essential for three or more acquisition units. This will cut the time of the high voltage applied during off-line testing. The device speeds up measurement time and enables the use of separation tools.

Partial detection methods are important for preventing complete system failure. PD currents are a very short duration and discharge random pulses. One way of detecting PD is by means of calibrators. The voltage is being calibrated against the voltages obtained from a calibration unit. It is then discharged into the measuring instrument.

The signals emitted from PD activity may be of low size. It is crucial to use sensitive PD measurement and analysis equipment. Yet, this will results in a higher susceptibility to interference from electronic noise. PD signals are very often superposed by noise pulses. It makes a PD data analysis more difficult for both experts and software systems. Thus, the proper minimization of disturbances is one of the main tasks when measuring PD in the field.

Partial discharge can cause serious problems with high voltage equipment. PD detecting is very important for avoiding dangerous situations. It is best to have the relevant information on PD instruments.