Which is better shellac nail or gel nail polish? Find out here

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In the world of cosmetics, women are divided between choosing shellac nails and gel polish. If you are one of those who are confused and frustrated in choosing between the two, well, you are not alone, up to this day, a lot of women prefer shellac nails while there are also a lot of women who prefer to use gel polish for their manicure and pedicure.

Geles constructores

However, are there any differences between the two? To give you a better understanding, you should continue reading this post that will help you differentiate shellac nails and gel polish.

Shellac nail polish is a product that is a combination of half regular nail polish and half gel which is usually applied after two color coating and a top coat on each nail. Between each of this coat, you can cure the color and set the new polish by applying it to your nails under a special ultraviolet (UV) light which dries up and solidifies the shellac nail in place.

So, what makes shellac nails different from gel nail polish? Well, the difference between the gel nail polish and the shellac nail polish is not entirely surprising or big if you come to think of it, nevertheless, there are is one distinct difference that separates the two. A shellac nail is a manicure or a semi-permanent polish while the gel nail polish is a semi-permanent gel or Esmaltes semipermanentes. To make it simple, shellac is made from polish while the gel polish is made from gel.

The two cosmetic products may have a difference, however, a lot of women prefer to use either of these depending on their choice.

Shellac nail polish is thinner compared to a gel nail polish, so in general, the former is the one that is easily broken down between two to three weeks while gel nail polish can last up to a month depending on how frequent you wash your hands, or how active you are that you scratch your nails to surfaces.

Another debate that women have between shellac nail polish and gel nail polish is its safety. There has been a debate about this to whether shellac nail polish or a gel nail polish can cause you cancer and other health issues because of the chemical that is used in making it, not to mention the ultraviolet light which is used in curing your polish completely.

Just like anything that has to do with ultraviolet, being cautious will save you from harm that is why before you place your hands in the ultraviolet light to treat and dry up either your shellac nail or gel nail polish, you should always apply an SPF30+ for at least half an hour before you place it there to make sure your skin is not damaged by the strong ultraviolet light treatment.

In terms of removing these nail polishes, shellac nail polish is pretty easy to remove using acetone knowing that it is only applied for a thin coat or layer on to your nails while the gel needs a varnish to remove it completely while others use acetone in removing it.