A detailed view of nose thread lift treatment in Singapore

nose thread lift singapore

The beauty of the face will mainly determined by nose, so that only the special highlighter is used for making the nose looks highlighted and sharp during the makeup by the beauticians. You can get naturally without any highlighter or makeup and this s possible even without any surgery that is it possible by nose thread lift Singapore.

In the nose thread lift treatment, your nose tip, and bridge will get raised without surgery and this treatment will resurface and rejuvenate your sagging skin and also your wrinkles where you will be backed with many international clinical reports and this process is non-invasive and there is no downtime.

The working process of nose thread lift treatment in Singapore

The nose thread lift treatment will lift and enhance the nose tip and nose bridge by 2 synergistic mechanisms and they are as follows. Biochemical lift and Mechanical lift were in the mechanical lift, a small needle is used for creating an entry point so that the threads can get entered and this will be inserted into the nose tip and nose bridge through a blunt cannula for creating a mechanical lifting effect.

In Biochemical lift, the PDO threads are used in this process and they are 100 percent biocompatible for the human body. They will get dissolved in 6 to 8 months where they will induce production of natural collagen of your own body and this will result in improvement of nose contour and shape.