Mercedes Benz A service in Montclair

Mercedes Benz is another classic and luxurious brand that requires a lot of money for buying as well as servicing. If you can afford a Mercedes Benz A class then you must surely afford quality servicing of the vehicle too. Sometimes you own a used Benz A Mercedes that requires regular servicing. In such cases, it is important to buy the used vehicle from a trusted source and after buying that it is important to choose an authorized and reliable Mercedes service in Montclair.

Choosing an authorized person or company is important so that you are sure that genuine parts will be used while servicing and the person knows his job very well. Giving a costly and luxurious vehicle in the hands of a newbie or a person with no proper reviews is quite risky and you do not want to take the risk for sure. You can check the Mercedes service in Montclair provided by west coast auto for both new and used Mercedes Benz A class vehicles. They assure high-quality vehicles for resale as well as their professional technicians make sure that your vehicle is serviced to last long and run smoothly on the road. Mercedes is a costly car and so for servicing the Benz series, you must trust the experts that are certified. These certified technicians can provide regular and scheduled maintenance of your vehicles an give necessary suggestions for effective maintenance of your vehicle.

Services performed for Mercedes Benz A class 

If you have bought a new Mercedes Benz A class vehicle then you must perform the first service after approximately 10,000 miles of driving or after a period of 1 year after buying the vehicle. You can check the Flexible service system of the vehicle to know the exact time. After that, you can do servicing at 20,000 miles or after a span of 2 years. This timetable would suit if your model is launched after the year 2009.  Services that need to be performed include —

  • Oil filter replacement
  • Replacement of synthetic motor oil
  • checking and correcting the tire inflation
  • inspection of the brake component
  • checking and correcting all the fluid levels at regular intervals that are factory recommended for your vehicle
  • Resetting the maintenance counter

All these services are also covered under maintenance contract by several certified Mercedes service companies in Montclair.