How to find a best car dealership to purchase used cars?

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By conducting a little research, you can find the best car dealerships in your market. It’s easy if you know where to start.

A good car dealership who sell used cars in fontana is responsive to all your automotive needs by providing convenient hours of operation, excellent service, reasonable financing, and ultimately, a fair price on your next car.


A car is most people’s second most expensive possession, right behind owning a house. The time and money you’ll spend with the auto dealer that sells and services your car is a precious commodity.  So what qualities are you looking for in an auto dealership? And, how do you find one that meets your criteria?  Read on as we provide the answers to:

  • How to find good car dealerships?
  • When are car dealerships usually open?
  • How do car dealers upsell you?
  • Can car dealerships ship a car to you?
  • How to Find the Best Car Dealerships and Car Dealers – Recap
  • How to find good car dealerships?
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 Personal referrals:

  • Do you know someone who recently bought a car?
  • Do you know somebody who works at a car dealership?
  • Do you have any friends who are car enthusiasts or motorheads?
  • This would be a good time to ask them for a personal introduction.


Most of today’s car-shopping takes place online. Explore the AutoGravity site by plugging in the price range, make, model, and finance terms for which you’re looking. Let the search-engine “bots” do the work!

Years in Business

The length of time that a company has been in business is an excellent indicator of how they deal with their clientele. The longer they’ve been around, the more likely they have an army of satisfied customers.  Dealing with a start-up or rookies in the business always invites a certain amount of risk.

used cars in fontanaReputation

When you’re trying to find the best car dealership, consider their reputation.

According to Business Insider, some of the most reputable companies in the world include Rolex, Disney and Hershey. On the other hand, consider the tarnished reputations of Facebook and Wells Fargo, which were caught selling private user data and creating phony bank accounts. One scandal can ruin a good reputation. Consider what happened to the Weinstein Company after sexual harassment came to light. Do a quick internet search on the dealer and look for any patterns of bad reviews.