How to buy a used car

used cars in salinas

Buying a car is a fabulous investment in current age which is no more a luxury rather a necessity. In this rushing era none has time to wait for a public transport to reach a place. Before buying the car you need to decide whether you want a new car or second hand used cars in salinas. Once you decide to buy any used car from any dealer or your friend you need to be very careful. Remember that second hand cars need even more scrutiny than first hand ones. You don’t want your car, be it new or old to be wasted within short time. Therefore you need to be even more cautious.

Things you need to check before buying a used car

Speculate the car and its body parts properly:

Sometimes the outer body of the car looks dazzling and shiny but the inner body parts dysfunction. This is a real trouble for the buyers. Don’t fall in trap of this. Remember that anything that shines is not always gold. Therefore check every body part of the car very carefully. If possible take a friend or well wisher who has some understanding of car. They can check for you whether the car is functioning properly.

used cars in salinas

Inspect the insurance papers properly

This is one of the essential points which people most often tend to neglect. Check all the papers thoroughly including registration paper and licence number of the previous user. Sign only after reading all the clauses properly.

Transfer the registration certificate and insurance of the used car on your name

This is the first and foremost task once you buy a used car. Don’t delay in transferring the registration name on your identity after buying the car from the dealers. You will get a receipt within 15-18 days after applying for transferring registration certificate. Also transfer the insurance of the car. Even if the previous user doesn’t have insurance policies then prepare one for your own.

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